Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Fire Alarm System

The Fire Alarm System (FAS) is used for monitoring and controlling of different condition around the working area. The functioning of Fire Alarm System components plays an important role for generation of alarm, destroy of fire and others. The continuous Read more

What is a Fire Extinguisher? Types of Fire Extinguisher.

We know that fire safety is plays an important role in our residential, workplace and others area. For this purpose, fire safety equipment’s like manual call point, fire alarm system, smoke detector, fire extinguisher and others are used. The fire Read more

Mode of Fire or Class of Fire

There are total six types of modes or classes of fire (Based on Asian/Australian fire standard). 1) Class A: In this mode, fire is occur due to solid materials such as cloth, wood, plastic, paper, rubber, coal, soft furnishing and Read more