Design Procedure of Fire Alarm System

A typical fire alarm system design process is described below. 1) Understand the reasons for the fire alarm system implementation in a particular property. 2) The Fire Alarm System must offer better fire safety. 3) Carry out a risk assessment to assist in determining specifications. 4) Consult all interested parties. 5) Decide on the design norm that is applicable. 6) Design a better Fire Alarm System, so it offers fewer false alarms. 7) Ease of system maintenance and sustainability. 8) The design of the Read more

Design considerations for the Fire Alarm System (FAS)

The design considerations for the fire alarm system are listed below. 1) The fire alarm system offer better fire safety. 2) Installation is cost effective. 3) The fire alarm system required less maintenance.. 4) Provide more accurate fire detection and Read more

Fire Standard: NFPA 72: NFPA 13: NFPA 101

The NFPA stands for National Fire Protection Association, a non-profitable international organization, defines code and standard for fire, electrical and related hazards for the safety of peoples, animals, and others. The NFPA 72 is standard, used for National Fire Alarm Read more

Types of Fire Alarm Systems with Wiring Diagrams or Loops

The Fire Alarm Systems with respect to wiring diagrams or loops are classified below. Basic Fire Alarm System used in Home Conventional Fire Alarm System Addressable Fire Alarm System Intelligent Fire Alarm System Wireless Fire Alarm System 1) Basic Fire Read more

Fire Alarm Detectors and it’s types 

The fire detection units are used in the Fire Alarm System (FAS). The main purpose of the fire detection units is to detect fire, smoke, flame, and gas concentration and send the information of these detected parameters to the Fire Read more

What is Fire Alarm System (FAS)?

The Fire Alarm Systems (FAS) play an important role in the safety of life, properties and, others. The Fire Alarm Systems are installed in various locations like school, college, hospital, shopping mall, commercial building, public places, industry, railway station, airport, Read more