Design considerations for the Fire Alarm System (FAS)

The design considerations for the fire alarm system are listed below.

1) The fire alarm system offer better fire safety.

2) Installation is cost effective.

3) The fire alarm system required less maintenance..

4) Provide more accurate fire detection and very less false alarm.

5) Selection of FAS system with respect to wiring or loop arrangement like basic fire alarm system, conventional fire alarm system, addressable fire alarm system, intelligent fire alarm system and wireless fire alarm system.

6) Selection of fire safety equipment’s like fire extinguishers based on the application.

7) Selection of fire detectors (alarm initiating devices) like a smoke detector, heat detector, carbon monoxide detector, multi-sensor detector, manual call point, and others.

8) Selection of fire alarm (alarm notification devices).

9) Selection of building safety equipment.

10) Selection of fire alarm control panel.

11) Remote control facility is available.

12) Design highly scalable system so in future modification will be done.

13) The fire alarm system has the ability to work with different types of emergency communications.

14) The fire alarm system must follow the fire standard like NFPA 72 and/or BS 5839.

15) Selection of power supply of fire alarm system with back up power facility.

16) The fire alarm system continuously measures and records the condition of the area.

17) In case of fire or unhealthy condition, the fire alarm system informs the authorized person or user or fire brigade for further action.

18) Selection of fire alarm cables.